1. Stolons and Rhizomes

    Before we can fully understand the importance of stolons and rhizomes, we must first discuss the life cycle of grass.  When we see a lawn that has been around for several years, such as an athletic field, we think the age of the grass is pretty high.  This however, is false.  Individual grass leaves only have a life cycle of approximately forty days.  Turf grass is continuously making “new g…Read More

  2. Turf Grass

    What is turf grass?  Turf grass is a species of grass known as monocots.  This is because when the seed germinates, only one tiny leaf emerges.  This type of grass consists of slim leaves that form a uniform ground cover that is highly tolerant of foot travel and low mowing height.  Did you know that the term turf grass is defined as the individual grass plants that make up the entire lawn or …Read More

  3. Peachtree City Zoysia Turf

    Peachtree City Zoysia turf is a medium textured warm season grass.  This dense grass has an extensive root system that can adapt too many different soil varieties including salt and clay.  Zoysia is best established from sod because it has a slow but steady growth rate.  This type of turf grass spreads by above ground stolons and underground rhizomes.  Peachtree City zoysia is known for being …Read More

  4. Newnan Zoysia

    Newnan zoysiagrass is a warm season turf that originated in Asia.  Zoysia is a dense textured grass that grows from early spring to late fall.  It has a deep root system and it is known for being a heat and drought resistant grass as well as being able to tolerate cold temperatures.  However, after the first frost the grass will turn brown as it begins to go dormant and is among the first to gr…Read More

  5. McDonough Bermuda Turf

    McDonough Bermuda turf is a warm season grass commonly used across the south.  Bermudagrass is a drought resistant turf with a deep root system.  This type of turf can withstand summer heat and dry conditions.  However, McDonough Bermuda turf does not tolerate shade very well.  This type of grass needs full sun to thrive and be healthy.  Bermudagrass should also be watered or irrigated weekly…Read More

  6. Atlanta Fescue

    Atlanta fescue is a cool season grass, meaning it grows best during the cooler temperatures of late fall to spring.  When fescue turf is properly maintained it has the ability to stay green all year long.  Because of the durability of the grass and its ability to adapt to different soil types, fescue is used on home lawns, recreational areas, athletic fields, and golf courses all across the east…Read More

  7. Atlanta Turf Grass

    The benefits of Atlanta turf grass can be quite substantial.  Metropolitan areas such as Atlanta are affected by what is known as the “urban heat island”.  An urban heat island refers to larger cities or urban areas where the temperature is significantly higher within the city than the surrounding rural areas.  Temperatures are usually ten degrees higher than the surrounding area and are mu…Read More

  8. Mowing Peachtree City Turf

    When mowing Peachtree City turf, it is important to take into consideration the proper mowing height for your grass type.  Knowing the proper mowing height of the type of turf you have is one of the most important aspects of keeping a healthy, lush lawn.  Every time your Peachtree City lawn is mowed, conditions are created for the grass to flourish or to fail.  You should be mowing Peachtree Ci…Read More

  9. Benefits of Newnan Turf

    There are many essential benefits of Newnan turf grass.  Turf grass adds more than just naturally beauty to your lawn; it also helps with your physical and mental health.  The air we breathe is cleansed by the plants and turf grass around us.  Plants go through a cycle of photosynthesis by absorbing water and carbon dioxide and converting it into pure oxygen.  Literally making the air we breat…Read More

  10. McDonough Lawns

    Having turf in your McDonough lawn can increase your property value in more ways than one.  Turf installed at your property becomes an asset to your home.   It not only boosts curb appeal, but it also increases the value of your home.  Having a lush green lawn gives your entire property a beautiful facelift.  While having turf does increase the curb appeal of your home, there are also many be…Read More