Aerating Atlanta lawns is a key aspect to maintain healthy, flourishing turf.  The soil underneath your turf becomes harder as years pass due to rain fall, foot travel, and cultural maintenance practices.  Not to mention after a long and hot Georgia summer, the ground seems as though it is hard as bricks because the soil is so compacted.  Due to so many environmental and cultural activities, aerating your Atlanta lawn at least twice a year is recommended.  Aeration is the process of mechanically “poking” holes into the ground with an aerator.  By aerating your Atlanta lawn poking holes into the ground, the soil beneath the turf loosens up and becomes softer by removing small plugs of turf in an even pattern across your lawn.  This process is absolutely crucial as it allows oxygen, nutrients, and moisture to penetrate to the root of your turf more adequately while creating a healthier place for your Atlanta lawn to develop with better drainage.  Aeration also increases the density and progression of your landscape.

Benefits of Aerating Atlanta Lawns:

  • Improved fertilizer efficiency and reduced runoff amount
  • Grass roots are more nourished and oxygenated
  • Compacted soil loosens
  • Rainfall irrigation is improved
  • Presence of thatch decreases