Are you looking forward to a lush, green yard this spring? Timely fertilization is key to keeping your lawn healthy and green, and it is almost that time of year again. February is a great time to get a jump on your lawn’s fertilization and we can help. We are Nature’s Turf and we have been providing affordable lawn care in Fayetteville since 1977.

We know that when it comes to lawn fertilizing companies in Fayetteville, you have a lot of choices, but we work hard to set ourselves apart. We set ourselves apart with our experience, skills, and dedication to excellent service. We won’t use any fancy gimmicks or tricks, our lawn care strategy is plain and simple: offer outstanding service using only the best tools and techniques. Our goal is to give you the best results possible, and it order to do that with the fertilization of your lawn, you need to know that timing is key.

Do not wait to fertilize, timing is one of the most important aspects of the fertilization of your lawn, and that time is almost here. Schedule your appointment now and you will not only get a beautiful lawn, but you will also enjoy your first treatment for only $29! Call us today to schedule your free consultation.