Army worms in Fayetteville, Georgia are destructive lawn pest causing severe damage to your Bermuda lawn.  Army worms are the caterpillars or larvae of moths.  These tiny little guys earn their name because they travel in armies or masses eating any green foliage in their path.  They are most active at night and hide in plant or turf debris during the day.  Adult female moths lay eggs in masses.  Eggs usually hatch within 5 to 10 days and feed for several weeks.  During this larval stage, the most damage is done to your lawn.  Damage can appear almost overnight with most detrimental damage occurring during hot, dry weather.  Initial symptoms of army worms are small brown patches of grass with chewed edges left behind from feeding.  A large infestation of army worms in Fayetteville, Georgia can completely defoliate a lawn within a few days.  While damage looks atrocious it is mainly aesthetic.  Grass blades are lost but the crowns are not damaged by feeding and the lawn will recover.    Your lawn may also be treated with an insecticide to rid your lawn of an army worm infestation.