Atlanta fescue is a cool season grass, meaning it grows best during the cooler temperatures of late fall to spring.  When fescue turf is properly maintained it has the ability to stay green all year long.  Because of the durability of the grass and its ability to adapt to different soil types, fescue is used on home lawns, recreational areas, athletic fields, and golf courses all across the east coast.  Atlanta fescue has an extensive root system and coarse texture making it the perfect grass to use for soil erosion control.  Atlanta fescue should be maintained with the proper mowing height between three to four inches and with adequate water.  However, over watering the turf or drenching it allows for diseases and fungus to occur in the turf grass.  Fescue must also be aerated and over seeded at least 1 times a year.  The ideal time to seed Fescue is the fall.  This process allows for the turf to be strengthened and nourished from summer heat damage and normal maintenance activities such as mowing, foot travel and environmental factors.  Call Nature’s Turf today to have your Atlanta fescue properly taken care of and maintained for that all year round green.