You’re Atlanta, Georgia lawn offers more than just natural beauty to your landscape.  There are many beneficial factors of having a well maintained home lawn.  Turf grasses are natural barriers in successfully preventing erosion brought on by wind and water while reducing run off at the same time.  Your lawn intercepts the water and wind from the soil, preventing the soil profile from being disturbed. Our lawns also capture and filter the air around us all while producing new oxygen we need to breath!  Pollutants such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and dust and smoke particles from the atmosphere are absorbed and filtered through our turf grass.  This process of filtering makes the air cleaner and safe to breathe.  Lawns also play a major part in controlling our climate.  Have you ever noticed how hot the asphalt feels underneath bare feet but feels much cooler on a grassy surface?  This is because a healthy, well maintained lawn absorbs the heat energy from the sun, making our environment a cooler.  While non-vegetative surfaces such as rocks, roads and even artificial turf actually increase the ground temperature.