In Atlanta, Georgia spring dead spot is a tenacious and damaging lawn disease that affects the root system of your home lawn, golf courses, and athletic fields.  This type of lawn disease usually only affects bermuda turf but will occasionally infect zoysia lawns as well.  The initial infection starts in the late fall when conditions are cool and moist.  Unfortunately though, symptoms are not visible until spring green up, or when the lawn is coming out of winter dormancy.  While the rest of your lawn is greening up, areas affected by spring dead spot remain dormant, forming distinct circular patches of bleached out or gray colored grass.  Turf in these areas will eventually collapse and die, severely taking away from the aesthetic value of your lawn.  Certain conditions such as soil compaction, excessive thatch layers, and poor soil drainage may contribute the disease development.  The best defense against any lawn disease are good cultural practices such as mowing, watering, and proper fertilization.  Core aeration and dethatching are also good preventive measures to take every year.