In Atlanta, Georgia, Zoysia Patch is an active disease in your warm season turf grass lawn and landscape.  Zoysia patch disease is quite common as temperatures begin to cool and your turf begins to enter into dormancy.  This type of lawn disease may affect any warm season turf grass but is most common and detrimental to zoysia grass.   Grass affected by zoysia patch first appears as golden brown, irregularly shaped patches of turf with the infection moving outward from the center of the infected area of turf.  Patches are usually one to two feet in diameter but patches may merge together, creating larger areas of infected turf.  If zoysia patch disease is not controlled, the patches can return in the same areas.  Fall & Spring are the best time to apply a fungicide for zoysia patch.  As your grass goes dormant this winter, so does the fungi responsible for zoysia patch disease.    It becomes active and visible again upon spring green up and may even increase in size with favorable conditions, especially if it was not treated in the fall with the appropriate fungicide.