It’s that time again!  Cooler weather is officially on its way and now is the time for Atlanta lawn fall weed control.  Weed treatments are not just for the summer months, weeds grow just as prominently in your Atlanta turf in the fall as they do the summer.  Weeds compete with the turf grass for sunlight, water, space, and nutrients.  Any unwanted plant growing in your turf is considered a “weed” and must be maintained.  The most important thing about Atlanta Lawn fall weed control is catching them early, before they begin to germinate in your Atlanta lawn.  To have successful turf in during the fall, pre-emergence herbicides must be applied during early to mid-September.  When applied correctly, this type of herbicide creates a chemical barrier in the soil once it is watered in.  When the seedlings begin to germinate the root system will absorb the herbicide, thus stopping continuing growth of the seedling and killing the plant before it reaches the surface to sprout.  However, for pre-emergence herbicides to be effective for your Atlanta lawn, it must be applied at the right time, and before any weeds have become established in the lawn.  If weeds are already established in the lawn the herbicide will be completely ineffective.  Are you ready to schedule your pre-emergence herbicide to keep your Atlanta turf beautiful?  Don’t hesitate, call Nature’s Turf today!  We offer professional, affordable service with technicians that truly care about your lawn.   Learn more about our Atlanta Lawn Care Program.