The benefits of Atlanta turf grass can be quite substantial.  Metropolitan areas such as Atlanta are affected by what is known as the “urban heat island”.  An urban heat island refers to larger cities or urban areas where the temperature is significantly higher within the city than the surrounding rural areas.  Temperatures are usually ten degrees higher than the surrounding area and are much more noticeable in the summer and winter months.  Temperatures in these urban areas are higher because there is less greenery to absorb the sunlight in the city than in rural towns.  Atlanta has more streets and buildings, which reflect the sunlight instead of absorbing it, making the temperatures rise.  Having turf grass in these urban areas can considerably decrease the rise in temperatures because it reduces the glare from the buildings.  This is because grass and other greenery are non-reflective meaning they absorb sunlight acting as though they are a screen.  By having turf and other greenery such as shrubs and trees glare as well as noise reduction can be decreased by 20 to 30 percent.  Turf grass acts as a big “air conditioner” because they have a natural cooling power that lessens the effects of heat and helps control climate.  Have you ever noticed how cool grass stays cooler than other surfaces such as asphalt or concrete?  Having ground cover such as turf grass also plays an important role in reducing energy consumption, water evaporation and air pollution.  Another benefit of Atlanta turf grass is using it as barriers for traffic and pedestrians.  Traffic via foot travel and vehicular are directed by lawn barriers such as medians to help control the heavy travel.  The turf grass separates roads from sidewalks to keep traffic moving in the correct direction for the safety of those in the city.

Benefits of Atlanta Turf grass:

  • Control rise in temperatures in urban area
  • Absorb sunlight unlike most surfaces
  • Barrier between vehicular travel and pedestrians