There are many essential benefits of Newnan turf grass.  Turf grass adds more than just naturally beauty to your lawn; it also helps with your physical and mental health.  The air we breathe is cleansed by the plants and turf grass around us.  Plants go through a cycle of photosynthesis by absorbing water and carbon dioxide and converting it into pure oxygen.  Literally making the air we breathe!  Did you know that a turf area measuring 50×50 produces enough oxygen to meet the daily needs of a family of four!  Turf grass also plays an important role in soil erosion, dust filtration and water run-off.  Run-off and soil erosion are considered one of the major causes of contamination in our water systems.  Another added benefit of Newnan turf grass enjoyed by all is using the turf for leisure or play.  We all use turf to play sports, engage in activities with our children and/or pets, or entertaining family and friends.  Turf grass provides a safe and positive environment for everyone to enjoy and use overall contributing to our well-being and quality of life.

Benefits of  Newnan Turf grass

  • Captures runoff and dust in air
  • Increases oxygen in the air
  • Increases of quality of life
  • Enjoyed by everyone for different activities