All boxwoods in McDonough, Georgia are susceptible to leafminers, the minute larvae of orange mosquito-like flies.  The leafminer is the most detrimental pest to attack evergreen boxwoods.  Leafminer flys are most active during warm spring days, swarming your boxwoods at the sight of new growth.  Once the female has been fertilized she inserts her eggs inside the leaf, where the larvae remain until the following spring.  Unsightly blisters form on the undersides of the leaf from the continuous feeding of the larvae.  Infected leaves are smaller than leaves of a healthy boxwood and turn a yellowish brown, and will drop from the plant sooner than supposed too.  Heavy infestations of boxwood leafminers will cause serious leaf loss to plant and may even result in the death.  Since boxwood leafminer is an active spring insect, late winter is the best time to treat your boxwoods in McDonough, Georgia.