When choosing a turf type in Atlanta, Georgia, it is important to select a turf grass for your region as well as choosing one that is well suited for your needs and purposes.  Home lawns, athletic fields, and golf greens all need different types of turf because of the way the turf or grass is used.  There are two types of turf, warm season and cool season.  Cool season grasses such as fescue which go dormant during dry, hot weather.  Warm season grasses such as bermuda or zoysia become dormant in the winter.  Turf differs in other ways as well such as color, texture, maintenance requirements and growth habit.  When selecting a turf grass you should consider the following: Is it going to be a showcase lawn?  Do you have pets?  Will there be lots of foot traffic such as children playing or other outdoor activities?  What are the maintenance requirements?  Is my environment well suited for this turf type? When you choose a turf well suited for your needs and environment you are less likely to have issues with pests.  While this doesn’t ensure that you will never have an issue it is certainly creating a great foundation for a healthy lawn!