Common knotweed is an annual broadleaf weed in Atlanta, Georgia commonly seen after heavy spring rains.  Common knotweed, also known as wiregrass or wire weed due the wire like branches that grow flat from a central taproot, spreading out from the center in a dense circular pattern.  This type of weed thrives in poor and compacted soils and is often found on roadsides, home lawn and gardens and unmanaged areas such as in between the stone in your patio area. Common knotweed in Atlanta, Georgia is often confused with spotted spurge, however spotted spurge oozes a milky sap when broken and knotweed does not.  To prevent a knotweed infestation in your lawn, one of the most important management methods is to aerate the lawn to prevent soil compaction.  This process also provides better drainage and a better environment for your desired turf grass to grow.  It’s also important to remember that the best defense against weeds is a strong and vigorous turf.  Make sure you are properly maintaining your lawn by mowing, irrigation, and fertilizing.