Have you begun to notice any dandelions in your Fayetteville lawn yet?  This cheery looking weed, is a broadleaf perennial, meaning they come back year after year appearing during the spring and continuing until the temperatures drop in the fall.  Dandelions are perhaps the most common and identifiable lawn weed with its single yellow flower atop a long, hollow stalk.  This type of weed causes unsightly, dense circular mats of leaves reducing the aesthetic quality of your Fayetteville lawn.  Dandelions in your Fayetteville lawn reproduce by their flowering heads.  Once the plant reaches maturity, the yellow flower head will turn white.  It is at this stage that dandelions are no longer cheery little flowers your children like to pick, but instead white puff balls of doom!  The white puff balls contain seeds that disperse when the wind blows to produce new dandelion plants.