Diagnosing hunting billbug damage in Newnan, Georgia, is more often than not misdiagnosed as disease and drought damage or delayed spring green up.  Damage brought on by hunting billbugs first appears as small yellow patches only a few inches in diameter.  As the billbugs continue to feed the patches increase in size and turn a dark brown or straw color.  Heavy infestations may result in completely destroyed roots if gone untreated.  Additional damage from moles or armadillos may also become an issue as the burrow underneath your turf looking for billbug to eat.  If you suspect an infestations from hunting billbugs, simply pull up small section of turf to inspect the roots and thatch layer.  When diagnosing hunting billbug damage in Newnan, Georgia,  broken edges and chewed up roots may be seen upon inspection.  You may also be able to see the larvae or grubs in the thatch layer.  Not to worry though, insecticides are very successful at controlling this lawn pest when applied directly to adults and larvae in turf.