Dichondra Repens in McDonough, Georgia is a fast growing, warm season perennial.  The leaves of the dichondra plant are kidney shaped, closely resembling that of a pony’s foot or tiny lily pads.  This warm season perennial is actually considered a ground cover and is commonly used in California as a turf stand substitute or replacement.  Dichondra thrives best in moist, warm, sunny environments.  However, it can survive in partial shade and areas of turf that are weak and thin.  Hand picking this little guy is not effective with large infestations due to its ability to establish so quickly, spreading rapidly, forming dense mats.  Proper maintenance is key to eradicating dichondra repens in McDonough, Georgia lawns as well as other grassy weeds.  Properly fertilize, water and mow to encourage dense turf growth while protecting your lawn from invasive weeds.