Dollar weed in Fayetteville, GA turf, also known as penny wort, is a common lawn weed found in warm season grasses such as bermuda or zoysia.  Dollar weed earned its name from its round, silver dollar shaped leaves.  The bright green leaves, often resemble that of a lily pad, however smaller in diameter.  The presence of dollar weed in your Fayetteville lawn is an indication that there is too much moisture in your landscape environment.  This type of weed thrives in areas of weak and thin turf, as well as areas of excessive water or poor drainage.  The first step in controlling dollar weed in Fayetteville turf lawns is to monitor the amount of water being applied to your lawn.  A typical lawn needs one inch of water a WEEK.  Make sure that you are watering deeply but adequately, you don’t want standing water on your lawn.  You should also modify your cultural habits such as proper mowing height for turf type, and timely fertilization and weed control.  With proper care and maintenance, a lush and vigorous turf will be able to stand against dollar weed infestations.  Call Nature’s Turf today for your FREE lawn analysis!