Dormant Newnan turf may look dead.  However, it is very much alive!  The turf is actually going through a healthy, natural process.  Dormancy is a phase in the grass life cycle in which the turf will begin to slow its growth rate or become inactive.  This process happens to warm season grasses such as Zoysia or Bermuda during the winter due to conditions being unfavorable such as the drop in temperatures and shorter periods of daylight.  Not to worry, your dormant Newnan turf will start to green back up this Spring when conditions are more favorable.  To keep your dormant turf healthy, follow these tips below:

  • Keep your lawn care schedule the same until after October.  As the month progresses cut back on your watering schedule until you are watering once a week
  • From November until March, water once a month to avoid desiccation
  • Limit activities on dormant turf if possible as this can cause weak or damaged areas in the turf
  • Make sure weeds do NOT get out of control