Doveweed in McDonough, Georgia is an aggressive summer weed often found in warm season turf stands such as Bermuda.  It usually germinates later in the summer and into the fall and spreads quite rapidly.  Doveweed prefers a moist environment.   Drainage issues in the lawn or over-watering encourage the development of this tenacious weed.  The identification of doveweed can sometimes be difficult as it resembles actual grass such as St. Agustine.   However, leaf blades of doveweed are thick, narrow and oval shaped, coming to a point.  It produces purple to blue flowers that flourish throughout the summer in an open cluster.  To control and prevent Doveweed in McDonough, Georgia it is important to have a good management strategy.  For the best results, maintain a dense and healthy turf through proper mowing, watering practices and fertilization combined with properly timed herbicide applications.