Due to its ability to stay lush and green all year round, Fescue lawn in Newnan, Georgia are quite common.  Fescue is a cool season grass that thrives in cooler temperatures and will experience decline under the stress of summer heat.  Fall marks the beginning of the growing season for fescue lawns.  Making now the perfect time to schedule your aeration and over-seeding of your lawn.  Aerating and over-seeding are key fundamentals of taking care of your fescue lawn because unlike Bermuda or Zoysia lawns it is not a self-repairing turf.  Aerating your lawn opens up the compacted Georgia clay beneath your turf stand allowing for more oxygen and nutrients to reach the roots.  If you properly maintain your Fescue lawn in Newnan, Georgia, you will be rewarded with a luscious, green, healthy turf stand all year round.