Fire ants in Fayetteville, Georgia, also known as red ants are far more aggressive in nature than other ant species. Most ants bite and spray acid on the wound, fire ants on the other hand only bite to get a better grip on its victim.  They then sting from their abdomen by injecting a venom called Solenopsin, causing a very painful burning and stinging sensation said to be similar to being burned by fire hence their name fire ant.  Fire ants in Fayetteville, Georgia prefer to build their unsightly mounds in the open sunny areas home lawn and gardens, school yards and parks.  This can interfere with outdoor activities and make areas uninhabitable or unsafe especially for small children who may accidently step on mound.  When a mound is disturbed, thousands of worker ants swarm out from the mound and up any vertical surfaces such as legs!  These aggressive critters can make you lawn an uninhabitable place for your children and pets this spring.  Call Nature’s Turf today to schedule your first fire ant treatment!