Grass roots of Peachtree City turf are located beneath the soil surface.  The roots of a grass plant are what anchor the plant in place as well as absorbing water and nutrients from the earth.  Turf grass roots are slender but fibrous and branch off into different directions for adequate nutritious absorption.  Root growth is affected by the temperature of the soil, moisture and oxygen levels.  The grass roots of Peachtree City turf need adequate oxygen for normal growth and development.  Growth is best promoted in soils that are loose and friable structure with sufficient drainage.  However, too much water such as excess watering depletes the soil of oxygen and cause the turf to decline.  Once a grass plant has an established root system the roots can penetrate twelve inches down into the soil.  This makes the root system very efficient at colleting nutrients found in the soil.  Grass can absorb water found twelve inches deep in the soil but is unable to make use of any water sitting on top of the soil surface.