Helminthosporium Diseases in Peachtree City Lawns can cause diseases such as melting out, net blotch, and crown and root rot.  Both cool and warm season turf grasses in Peachtree City are affected by this type of fungi.  Helminthosporium Diseases in Peachtree City Lawns begin as leaf spots.  However when leaf spots are present and go untreated during the initial phases, the disease progresses to crown and root rot.  Once the turf reaches the crown and root rot stage the disease becomes very challenging to treat and control. In Peachtree City lawns, the helminthosporium fungi will survive as spores in the dead leaf tissue, thatch, and soil.  Films of moisture such as due or excessive water from irrigation become a playground for fungi germination and infection.  This type of disease favors lawns that affected by extended periods of extremely humid and wet weather.  Lawns affected by these fungi gradually turn brown and begin to think out in a period of just a few weeks.  Our Peachtree City Lawn Care Program will allow a trained technician to visit your property regularly to check for this lawn problem.

Managing Helminthosporium Fungi

  • Avoid high nitrogen fertilizer
  • Irrigate turf sufficiently but infrequently  with deep irrigation to avoid crown and root rot
  • Mow the lawn at the appropriate height for the turf
  • Use of fungicide applications are effective in controlling the leaf spot stage