Henbit in Peachtree City lawns, is a broad leaf, winter annual weed.  Henbit reproduces solely by seed and begins to germinate in the fall or winter and then remains dormant until spring when it resumes growth and produces more seeds.  This type of winter annual most commonly grows on roadsides, pastures, and unfortunately in your Peachtree City lawn.  Henbit will quickly invade thin, scant turf areas where soil is moist.  Shaded areas also encourage the growth of henbit in your Peachtree City lawn.  Henbit is a hairy weed reaching heights as high as sixteen inches produces distinct reddish purple flowers.

Having a dense, vigorous turf is the best way to protect your lawn against henbit.  To encourage dense turf growth, it is important to make sure the turf is properly maintained with fertilization, proper mowing height, and adequate water.  However, in some cases chemical control is still needed to control this hairy weed.  Pre emergence are applied in the fall and winter to prevent these weeds from germinating and popping up in your lawn the following spring.  Noticed this invasive little guy in your Peachtree City turf?  Give Nature’s Turf a call today!