Insects in Atlanta Lawns can be very damaging.  One in particular is Cinch bugs.  They are hairy little pest that often infiltrate your Atlanta lawn.  Cinch bugs are about 1/6 inch long with a gray-black body, white wings, and red legs.  They are most often associated with exposed, sunny spaces of the lawn and can be as numerous as two hundred insects per square foot of your Atlanta turf.  These tiny little Insects in Atlanta Lawns often times go unnoticed because of their size and the destruction they cause to the turf is frequently confused with drought damage.  The adult cinch bug remains dormant during winter until springs temperatures reach 50 degrees.  They then disperse, mate, and begin laying eggs in your Atlanta lawn.  An adult female will produce an average of three hundred eggs in a period of forty to fifty days.  The female will deposit the eggs into leaf coverings and at the base roots of your turf grass.  The tiny cinch bug cause substantial damage to the turf and other plants by removing the plant fluids and injecting them with toxin that causes the grass to turn yellow or brown and ultimately die.  Atlanta lawns receive the most detrimental damage between the months of early July through late August while they are actively feeding.  While they frequently blend in with the lawn because of size, you will often see them crawling around your sidewalks, driveways, and foundations of your home on a sunny day.  During cool, damp seasons the cinch bugs are at risk to infections caused by naturally occurring fungi developing in your Atlanta lawn.  It is encouraged to water your Atlanta turf regularly during the hot summer months when the cinch bugs are actively feeding so they have a greater chance of being exterminated by a disease. Also minimizing the amount of thatch in your lawn is a great way to discourage the early infestation of cinch bugs and to lessen complications in the future.  Insects in Atlanta Lawns are treatable and Nature’s Turf, Inc. can help you identify and eradicate this pest along with our Atlanta Lawn Care Program.