Itsy bitsy spider mites may be the reason for the yellowing leaves on your Newnan, Georgia white gardenias.  Spider mites will overwinter and become active in the spring when temperatures are on the rise.  The months of June through September are prime months for spider mite activity.  These tiny pest thrive in humid environments where temperatures average around 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  Spider mites are found in colonies on the underside of the plant leaves.  They feed by sucking the sap from the plant leaves.  Their insatiable feeding process bruises the leaf appearing as tiny yellow dots.  In heavy infestations the leaf will look spotted before turning yellow completely and dropping from your gardenia bush.  Heavy infestations may also cause new blossoms to be stunted or death to the plant completely.  Check your Newnan, Georgia white gardenias by holding a white sheet of paper underneath the plant leaf and shake the branch it is attached too.  If you see tiny black or brown or red flakes about the size of ground black pepper, you’ve got an itsy bitsy spider mite problem!  Here at Nature’s Turf, our Plant Health Care program is designed to meet the needs of all of your shrubs and ornamentals.  Call Nature’s Turf today for your free estimate!