No one likes to have weeds in their lawn. They are unsightly and they can even steal vital nutrients from your lawn, which can and will hinder the health of your grass. Although weeds are undeniably frustrating, you can learn a lot about your lawn from them, like an unbalanced pH or fertility level, unhealthy mowing or watering habits, poor drainage, or soil compaction. The following is a list of what different weeds say about your lawn:

  • Crabgrass- This is a sign of a poorly fertilized lawn, it can also be an indicator that you are cutting your grass too short.
  • Dandelions- Dandelions are a sign of soil compaction, a low pH level, and a sign an unbalanced fertility level.
  • Ground Dwelling Ivy- These often occur when there is a lack of drainage in your lawn.
  • Clover- These occur when your lawn is compacted, the pH level is too low, fertility is low, and you are either watering too little or too much.
  • Knotweed- Soil compaction, low pH balance, unbalanced fertility and poor drainage cause these weeds.
  • Platains- These grow when your soil is compacted, your grass it cut too short, the pH level is low, fertility is low, and drainage is poor.

These are just a few of the many weeds and what they say about your lawn. Our experts over at Nature’s Turf have what it takes to read the message that the weeds are saying about yard and provide you with the lawn care in Atlanta that you need to address your yard’s individual issues. Contact us today for your fast, free quote.