In McDonough, GA, any plant is considered a weed when it grows in an unwanted area.  Lawn Weeds are bad in McDonough, Georgia where we provide lawn care services.  Weeds can be a major issue to your McDonough lawn.  They compete with the preferred turf in the lawn for water, nutrients, space, and light.  Weeds will completely destroy your attractive McDonough lawn.  Unwanted weeds in your lawn also release harmful toxins in the soil that prohibit your turf from being desirable.  Weeds also become a dwelling place to small insects and mites as well as plant diseases.   Weeds can also become an even bigger pest when growing in or around water in McDonough.  Weeds can clog drainage ditches causing standing water which is perfect for Mosquitoes.  When growing in water weeds effect the fish growth and reproduction as well as affecting those fun summer activities we all enjoy so much like boating and swimming. The population of weeds depends on weed control programs being used, how often the lawn is mowed and other traffic on the turf.  At Nature’s Turf we provide professional and affordable lawn services to keep your McDonough lawn looking impeccable.