Lawn weeds in Peachtree City, have four stages of development:

  • Seedling- tiny delicate baby plants
  • Vegetative- Roots, stems, and leaves are quickly produced.  Their intake of water and nutrients is very quick and thorough.
  • Seed Production- Energy of the plant is solely directed to producing flowers and/or seeds.  The intake of water and nutrients has slowed down and it concentrated to the flower, fruit and seed structures.
  • Maturity- Once this stage of maturity is reached there is little to no energy production without any absorption of water and nutrients.

All plants including lawn weeds in Peachtree City have a life span whether it is less than one year to longer than two years.  In Peachtree City you may notice that we have Annuals, Biennials, and Perennials.  Weeds that live up to one year in your lawn are known as Annuals.  They start from a seed, mature, and produce a seed for the next generation in one year or less and then die.  Examples include: crabgrass and cocklebur.  Lawn weeds in Peachtree City, GA that live up to two years are Biennials.  Starting from a seed they develop a heavy root in your turf with a compact cluster of leaves in their first year.  During the second year they mature and produce a seed for the following year and die off.  Examples include: burdock and thistle.  Perennials are lawn weeds in Peachtree City, GA with a life cycle of two years or more.  Their maturing process differs depending on the type of plant growing.  Some develop in the first year and repeat their process every year while other Perennials in your lawn grow and develop in delayed stages over many years. Most Perennials begin as a seed and some species reproduce with tubers, bulbs, rhizomes, or stolons.   Examples include Johnson grass and the dandelion.  At Nature’s our specialist will design a lawn care program in Peachtree City that will control all lawn weeds.