No one enjoys battling weeds in their lawn, and common  Lespedeza in your Peachtree City lawn is a persistent summer annual legume that can be quite problematic as it competes with your desired turf stand for nutrients and space.  Common Lespedeza, also known as Japanese clover, is most often found in Peachtree City lawns that are thinning or dry and compacted.  This type of weed grows low, hugging the ground, in a mat like fashion, bearing pinkish flowers during the late summer.  Lespedeza reproduces by seeds borne in the leaf axil, the angle in which the leaf and stem meet.  The seeds are usually released from the plant during late summer when days start growing shorter, unless they are disturbed by the environment. To discourage the growth of common Lespedeza in your Peachtree City lawn, its essential to maintain proper upkeep such as water, nutrients and suitable mowing height for your turf type.  Remember, a healthy lawn will keep be able to resist weed invasion easier than an unhealthy lawn!  Call our professionals at Nature’s Turf today for more information.