The life cycle of the bagworm caterpillar is broken down into 4 stages; the egg, larvae, pupal, and adult.  The most damage is done during the larva stage, while the caterpillars are actively feeding on needles and plant material from your Newnan, Georgia trees.  During this stage, the bagworm also begins to construct a protective bag around his hind parts to hide in when disturbed.  The protective bags are often mistaken for parts of the host plant.  During the early fall, the bags reach approximately 2 inches and the bagworms then permanently attach its bag to twigs to prepare for the pupate stage.  This “resting stage” lasts about 4 weeks before the adult males emerge ready for flight.  Only the adult male will emerge from its bag as a moth.  The females remain in their bags, releasing a pheromone that attracts males to mate.  Once the female has been fertilized and has laid several hundred eggs, she drops from the bag and dies.  The eggs overwinter and remain in the protective bag until the next summer and this process begins again!  Have a problem with bagworms this summer?  It’s not too late!  Call Nature’s Turf today for your free Plant Health Care estimate!