Liming your Newnan turf is the practice of applying a soil conditioner to reduce the acidity of the soil.  All soils are classified as acidic, neutral, or alkaline.  To determine the acidity of your soil, a soil test must be done.  The degree of acidity or alkalinity is described as a Ph value.  Reducing acidity raises the Ph of the soil, making the soil a more favorable place for turf grass growth.    The soils Ph influences the availability of plant nutrients, thatch decomposition, turf grass pests, and pesticide activity.  Soils become acidic through natural processes such as rain, root growth, and decaying organic matter.  The practice of liming is important as the Ph of the soil affects the health of the soil and the growth of your turf grass.    Liming your Newnan turf improves plant nutrient intake, and reduces toxicity problems in acidic soils.  Trust the professionals at Nature’s Turf to take care of your soil Ph balance!