McDonough Bermuda turf is a warm season grass commonly used across the south.  Bermudagrass is a drought resistant turf with a deep root system.  This type of turf can withstand summer heat and dry conditions.  However, McDonough Bermuda turf does not tolerate shade very well.  This type of grass needs full sun to thrive and be healthy.  Bermudagrass should also be watered or irrigated weekly but, be sure not to drench the turf or keep it wet as this causes disease and fungus to form and damage the turf.  Bermuda turf is also a very durable grass and can withstand abuse from heavy foot traffic, summer drought, and less than ideal soil conditions.  Another added benefit of McDonough bermudagrass is its ability to choke out weeds because it grows and spreads so vigorously.  Bermuda turf will stay green all summer long and will remain green until temperatures drop and then the grass will go dormant.  Once the grass is dormant it will turn brown and stay dormant until March when temperatures begin to rise.  Proper mowing height and adequate water are required for bermuda turf to thrive.  With adequate water and mowing the turf will thicken up and once the turf is established it will not have to be reseeded.