One of the most important aspects of McDonough fall lawn care is applying pre-emergence.  Pre-emergence are herbicides specifically formulated to treat unwanted weeds in your lawn such as poa annua and chickweed.  This type of herbicide is applied at least two to four weeks before the germination of weed seeds.  When the pre-emergence is applied to the turf, a chemical barrier is formed between the soil and the turf grass.  As weed seeds begin to germinate, their root systems absorb the herbicide, thus discontinuing the seeds from germinating and exterminating them before they can reach the surface and sprout.  This type of herbicide is strictly used to treat weeds still dormant in the soil, not established weeds in the turf.  It is important to remember that the pre-emergence herbicide must be watered or irrigated after treatment is applied to form an even and uniform chemical barrier.  Pre-emergence herbicides must be applied before the weed seeds germinate to be effective for your McDonough fall lawn care.  If weeds have already actively growing in the turf, you have missed the pre-emergence treatment window.  Timing is everything when it comes to your McDonough fall lawn care.

When using Pre-Emergence:

  • Wait 2 to 4 months before overseeding lawn
  • Do NOT use herbicides before laying new sod
  • Pre-emergence is NOT a treatment used if weeds are already established