In Atlanta, Georgia broadleaf weeds are most commonly found in disturbed or weak areas in your lawn.  Broadleaf weeds are easily identifiable since they have no resemblance to grassy weeds or your desired turf grass.  Broadleaf weeds usually have a wider leaf blade than grassy weeds.  The leaves of broadleaf weeds typically have one main vein that divides the leaf in half with a network of smaller veins branching out from the main vein.  Colorful flowers of all different shapes and sizes are also produced by most broadleaf weeds.  Grassy weeds do not produce a colorful show of flowers and leaf blades are long and narrow unlike a broadleaf weed.  In Atlanta, Georgia most broadleaf weeds originate and thrive in the shade eventually spreading via rhizomes and stolon’s to other parts of your lawn.  Broadleaf weeds are among the most troublesome pest in home lawns.  The best defense against a broadleaf weed invasion in your lawn is to make sure you are incorporating cultural control practices into your lawn care such as proper mowing and irrigation as well as fertilization.   This promotes a healthy, dense, and vigorous lawn.  Weeds do NOT easily invade lawns that are properly maintained.  Examples of broadleaf weeds include but are not limited to: dandelions, chickweed, and henbit.