In McDonough, Georgia, hunting billbugs are small grayish black beetles commonly found in warm season turf grasses such as Zoysia or Bermuda.  These small bugs are a part of the weevil family as they have an elongated snout.  The adult female uses her snout to chew a small hole into the grass stem to insert her eggs.  The eggs remain inside the stem until they hatch into larvae, usually in three to ten days.  As the larvae continue to feed inside of the grass stem, they begin working their way down to the base of the plant until they are too large for the stem.  Once they are too large to fit, they simply fall from the stem down into the thatch layer to continue feeding.  Hunting billbugs may feed on grass roots up to three inches below the surface.   After feeding on the grass roots for several weeks, they dig into the soil to pupate into new adult billbugs.  In McDonough, Georgia billbug adults can be found throughout any season of the year with the most damage being done in the fall or spring.  With the arrival of winter, the adult hunting billbugs overwinter beneath the soil of your desired turf grass during the winter, waiting to emerge this spring.  Because they feed in such large numbers, billbug damage can cause death to your turf or a delayed spring green up.