Fire ants are a growing problem in the United States, especially in warmer areas like Atlanta. Fire ants don’t present a huge threat for your lawn, but their colonies produce large mounds, and when those mounds are disturbed they will aggressively attack. If you have a fire ant problem then you need to call Nature’s Turf. We have been providing our outstanding McDonough lawn care and fire ant control since 1977, and no one else does it better.

As stated earlier, fire ants won’t affect your lawn all that much, but they can be dangerous for both people and animals. Fire ants are the most aggressive types of ants, and their stings are incredibly uncomfortable. Generally fire ants aren’t dangerous to humans, however when you get attacked by a colony, you are likely to get bitten by hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of ants. In most cases fire attacks aren’t fatal, but for people who have allergies or a weakened immune system, they can be. Fire ants are also known to kill cats and even dogs. Don’t risk the well being of your family or your pets. If you have a fire ant problem, get help right away.

With every service that we provide, our goal is to go above and beyond your expectations. We won’t rest until the job is complete, and we guarantee our results. Fire ants are a problem for many people in our area, and often times people and pets stumble across their mounds unknowingly. Protect your family by contacting us today for your free lawn care analysis.