If your McDonough lawn looks stressed, it must be bittercress!  Hairy bittercress is a rapid growing, summer annual weed.  Tiny hairs can be seen on the small heart shaped leaves of the plant, hence its name Hairy Bittercress.  This type of lawn weed is identifiable by the small, four petal, white flowers growing in clusters atop the plant.    Bittercress reproduces by seed, pods containing the seeds grow atop the plant and once they are disturbed, the pods burst, releasing hundreds of seeds for next year’s generation.  The seeds are then carried by the wind, and foot travel, or by animals, leaving the seeds to germinate during the fall or winter months.  Once spring arrives, and temperatures begin to warm, the weed will emerge and compete with your turf for space.

Hairy Bittercress will quickly invade any thin or bare areas in your McDonough turf.  Shady environments are also favored by this lawn weed.  The best defense against lawn weeds, is a dense, vigorous turf.  This can be achieved by proper mowing height, adequate water, and proper fertilization!  Is your McDonough lawn looking stressed?  Call Nature’s Turf today for your free lawn estimate!