Fleas can quickly go from a problem in your yard to a problem in your home. Fleas can attach themselves to your pets as well as your family, and they can multiply quickly. If your yard has a flea infestation, you need to call Nature’s Turf. We are more than your typical Fayetteville lawn care company and we can help control the flea outbreak in your yard.

A great way to see if there are fleas in your yard is by wearing long white socks and hanging out in your pet’s favorite hang out spots. Against your white socks, you will be able to easily see the fleas. Fleas generally prefer cooler, shadier areas. If you do not completely eradicate the fleas in your yard, you could end up having a frustrating uphill battle. We have been in business since 1977 and we use all of the most innovative tools and techniques to remove every last bug from your yard.

If your pet has fleas, there is a good possibility that fleas also exist in  your yard. Let the best Fayetteville lawn care company help you to get rid of the fleas in your yard. We offer free lawn care analysis and we can help. Contact us today.