In Newnan, Georgia, evergreens are trees and shrubs that retain or keep their leaves throughout the year.  Many people associate the image of a Christmas tree when they hear the term evergreen.  However, not all evergreens have needles and cones, in fact quite a few evergreens and have broad leafed leaves.  Unlike the deciduous tree species that lose all of their leaves, evergreens gradually replace mature leaves as they are shed, keeping the tree “forever green”.  The leaves of an evergreen may remain on the tree for two years and may fall during in season.  Common evergreens in the Newnan, Georgia are include but are not limited to: pine, cedar, Douglas fir, spruce, junipers, and holly.  Pictured below is our Plant Health Care specialist, Ivan, he is spraying arborvitaes and cryptomeria trees for a client on our plant health program.  Interested in learning more?  Click Here