To prune or not to prune your Newnan, Georgia Oakleaf Hydrangeas?  Oakleaf hydrangeas are deciduous, understory shrubs native to Georgia.  While Oakleaf Hydrangeas, do not require yearly pruning, occasionally removing old wood improves plant vigor and performance.  In fact, late winter is the perfect time to prune this woody shrub, especially if there is old wood, or diseased canes in the plant.  It’s essential to remember that the main purpose of cutting off the entire stems is to do away with aged and poorly flowering parts of the plant.  Doing so allows more sunlight and air to reach the plant and stimulate new healthy growth.  Keep in mind not to remove more than 1/3 of the entire plant while pruning!  Pruning your Newnan, Georgia Oakleaf Hydrangeas also helps them to retain their pretty shape and increases bloom size for the following spring.