In Newnan Georgia, Wild onion is a very common, winter perennial lawn weed.  With such a distinct odor, wild onions are easily identifiable in your desired turf stand.  This type of weed emerges in the fall and continues to grow and mature into the winter until spring, where it dies back and remains dormant underneath the soil until the following fall.  Growing in clumps from white bulbs, wild onions are typically found in areas of poor drainage or areas that are difficult to mow.  In Newnan, Georgia wild onions can be quite problematic to control as they grow from bulbs, which come apart easily, leaving plant parts behind, making hand pulling or digging less effective.  For wild onion infestations, a post emergent herbicide must be used once the weed emerged from the soil to kill the weed.  Maintaining your turf with proper mowing, adequate water and fertilization practices is your best defense against weed invasions.  A healthy turf stand suffocates out unwanted plants as your turf outcompetes with them for sunlight, water and nutrients.