In Newnan grassy weeds can be a difficult problem.  Summer & winter are the two types of annual grassy weeds.  Winter annuals germinate in Newnan, during the fall months.  They continue to remain dormant throughout the winter months, then flower and produce seeds during mid to late spring.  Winter Newnan grassy weeds then proceed to die during the hot summer months.  The most common type of winter grassy weeds in your Newnan lawn is bluegrass.   Bluegrass is highly aggressive and likes to fill in the high stress areas of your turf.  This type of grass develops very quickly, often within six to eight weeks in your lawn.  Summer grassy weeds in Newnan germinate in the months of early March through May and live until the temperature drops below freezing.  The two most common types of summer grasses in your Newnan lawn are crabgrass and goose grass.  Crabgrass grows best in areas of the lawn that are exceedingly acceptable to light and moisture.   Goose grass germinates about two weeks after crabgrass.  Unlike crabgrass that grows in long stem, goose grass grows flush with your Newnan, GA lawn.  Goose grass can become extremely problematic weed growing in Newnan lawns that are mowed short.  Goose grass favors sunlight and can grow with minimal amounts of moisture.  Annual grasses are very similar to the desirable turf grass you want growing in your Newnan lawn.   Control of annual grasses can be challenging to treat once they have become established in your turf.  Not to worry, Nature’s Turf Lawn Care Program has got your Newnan lawn covered.  We offer professional and affordable treatments for the unwanted Newnan grassy weeds growing in your lawn.