Newnan zoysiagrass is a warm season turf that originated in Asia.  Zoysia is a dense textured grass that grows from early spring to late fall.  It has a deep root system and it is known for being a heat and drought resistant grass as well as being able to tolerate cold temperatures.  However, after the first frost the grass will turn brown as it begins to go dormant and is among the first to green up in the spring.  Newnan zoysia is best established from sod because of its slow growth process.  To maintain the growth of this type turf, one inch of water is required two to three times a week.  Mowing your zoysiagrass at the proper height is also a key aspect to preserving a healthy zoysia lawn.  Zoysia turf grass should be mowed every five to seven days at a height between .5-2” inches.  Another important fact to know about Newnan zoysia is that is can NOT survive in full shade.  Zoysia needs full sun to light shade to thrive and flourish.

Benefits of Newnan Zoysia:

  • Excellent deep green color
  • Superior drought resistance
  • Dense grass, makes for lower chances of weed invasion
  • Can grow in variety of different soils including clay