In Newnan, Georgia a common weed we fight in the lawn during the summer is Nutsedge.  This grassy weed can infest a lawn very quickly.  While Nutsedge is a grass it does not resemble the common Bermuda and Zoysia lawns we have in Newnan, Georgia.  Especially since it grows much faster than these varieties of turf.  Typically Nutsedge rises above the height of the turf grasses very quickly making it an eyesore.  Yellow and Purple Nutsedge are the more common types we see in the lawn.  Nutsedge is a perennial weed so it is not controlled through most pre-emergent applications.   They can be distinguished through the flower head of the weed.  The Yellow Nutsedge has a more yellow tent to the flower and the purple has a red or purple color.  You can also look at the leaf tip of the blades to distinguish Purple or Yellow Nutsedge.   The Yellow Nutsedge tends to have a sharp pointed tip.

There are several products you can use to fight this weed in the lawn once it is identified.  We carry a product on our trucks that has a proven track record.  Once Nutsedge is identified in the lawn we will continue to followup with the client to make sure we’ve resolved the problem.  In some cases it requires an additional visit to completely kill the weed.

Nutsedge is commonly found in areas of the lawn that stay wet.  The weed thrives in these wet environments and these areas need to be addressed to get full control.  When the environmental issues in a lawn are causing Nutsedge and are not changed you can count on the high chance the weed will return.