Over seeding Atlanta fescue grass is the best way to rejuvenate and strengthen your turf this fall.  Over seeding fescue is the process of applying fescue seed over the already established fescue turf to increase the thickness of the lawn and to recover lost and/or injured turf from summer stress.  However, before the lawn can be reseeded it must be aerated.  Aeration is the process of pulling out 1” plugs from the soil.  The process of aerating loosens compacted soil and prepares the lawn to be over seeded with the best results.  Once the lawn is aerated, the fescue turf is better able to absorb oxygen, moisture, and nutrients found in the soil with better retention.  Over seeding after aeration is important because now the new seeds can infiltrate the soil, giving the grass better protection, hydrogen, oxygen and soil nourishment for the growing process.  Over seeding Atlanta fescue also allows for the filling in of dry patches, and withering grass while increasing the existing grasses density and abundance.  Aeration and over seeding are done in the fall because root growth increases during the warm autumn days and cool nights, making it the best time to reclaim your lawn and prepare your fescue for next spring.  Once both processes are done it is vital to irrigate the lawn as the new seeds needs moisture to germinate.  Keep the soil moist but not drenched by lightly sprinkling the lawn two to three times a day during the first few weeks of the germination period.  When new growth is established, water the turf deeper but infrequently.  Be careful not to soak the turf when the new grass begins to sprout because this will cause root rot diseases!