In Peachtree City, Georgia, dallisgrass is a deep rooted perennial grass, meaning it returns year after year.  Dallisgrass is a very common weed in the south as it prefers a humid environment and readily invades warm season grasses such as Bermuda and zoysia in the spring.  This type of weed can easily be identified in your turfstand as it grows twice as fast as your desired turf stand and forms stiff clumps that are much coarser in texture than your turf.  Because of its fast growing nature, dallisgrass clumps cause irregular patches in the lawn leading to uneven mowing.  This type of weed is commonly confused with knotweed and bahiagrass however because of growth pattern, dallisgrass can be distinguished by the concentric rings or circles found on its short rhizomes.  The best defense against this bunchgrass weed is a thick, well maintained turfstand. Dense turf leaves little to no room in Peachtree City, Georgia for dallisgrass seeds to germinate.