In Peachtree City, Georgia, pre-emergent herbicides are used in the prevention of weeds in your home lawn and landscape.  Pre- emergents applied in the fall are used to prevent winter weeds such as chickweed, poa annua, and henbit from germinating and invading your lawn this winter.  Pre- emergent herbicides work by creating a uniform barrier in the top layer of soil.  This barrier prevents the unwanted weed seeds from sprouting and penetrating your desired turf stand.  It’s important to remember that the timing of pre- emergent herbicides is absolutely critical.  If applied too early, the herbicide will break down or weaken before it has time to be effective and if applied too late, it will not be effective at all.  It must be applied prior to germination to be completely effective.  This type of herbicide must also reach the soil beneath the turf stand to create an even and uniform chemical barrier.   Along with the use of pre-emergent herbicides, it is also important to combat weeds with a lush and healthy lawn.  To keep weeds at bay, promote the best environment for your desired turf stand with proper mowing, adequate water and timely fertilization treatments.

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