In Peachtree City, Georgia, proper lawn mowing requires a sharp blade, every time you mow.  Proper mowing practices are vital to maintain a healthy and vigorous turf stand.  Not only is mowing with a sharp blade easier but it is better for your lawn for a few reasons.  When you mow your lawn with a dull blade, the grass blades are actually being ripped or torn away instead of being cut evenly.  Lawns mowed with a dull blade will look dull or have a white tinge to it after mowing is done.  “Ripping” the lawn is not aesthetically pleasing nor is it good for the overall health of your grass.  When grass blades are ripped, jagged edges are left and this makes the turf more susceptible to insects, diseases, and heat stress.  A sharp mower blade offers a clean cut and even looking lawn while also promoting new growth.  Sharp blades will also offer less resistance while mowing, thus using less gas.  Your lawn is more delicate than it looks and needs proper maintenance to perform.  Lawn mowing is about cutting your grass not ripping it! Always remember to mow with a sharp blade.